Monday, 16 September 2013

New Thorpe Park plans recommended for approval

Proposals for new office, retail and leisure developments at Thorpe Park in Leeds plus the creation of a new link road and green space are to be recommended for approval this week.

Councillors will discuss the proposed applications which could create up to 13,000 jobs as part of the wider East Leeds Extension at a meeting of the city plans panel at Civic Hall at 1:30pm on Thursday 19 September.

Under the plans, a range of new uses are proposed at Thorpe Park including more office space, shops, restaurants, hotels and a fitness/gym outlet. These would create an estimated 3,000 job opportunities during the construction phase and an additional 10,000 when complete.

The proposals form part of the broader East Leeds Extension plans which could see up to 6,000 new houses built in the surrounding area of the city. In order to both remove current traffic congestion in Cross Gates and provide for additional traffic as part of the Thorpe Park development and the expected new housing, a new Manston Lane Link Road would be built connecting the East Leeds Extension area with Junction 46 of the M1 motorway.

Along with the new developments at Thorpe Park, the proposal would also see the area immediately to its west become a 47-hectare public ‘Green Park’, featuring playing pitches, changing rooms and a nature area.

All of the new developments, including the costs of the link road plus a regular bus service and the creation of the ‘Green Park’ will be funded by the applicants as part of the proposals.

Leeds City Council executive member for neighbourhoods, planning and support services Councillor Peter Gruen said:

“The proposed new developments at Thorpe Park and the East Leeds Extension represent an opportunity for a massive boost to the Leeds and wider Leeds City Region economy and the creation of thousands of new jobs. It will also deliver the new Manston Lane Link Road and open up new housing land for development in east Leeds.

“We have worked with the applicant to ensure a number of issues have been addressed and they are committed to ensuring the supporting infrastructure will be in place to ensure these new developments can be accommodated effectively.

“Should the applications be approved we will continue to work with the developers to ensure any problems are resolved so that the area and wider city can benefit fully from this development.”

As part of the recommendation to approve the applications by the council’s planning officers, consideration has been given on ways to minimise the impact on the surrounding area as well as on local shopping centres and the city centre.

Public consultation on the Thorpe Park proposals was carried out in summer 2012 with over 800 people attending events and 37,000 leaflets posted to local residents and businesses. Of the responses received, 72 per cent were either fully or broadly supportive of the proposals.


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Selfless volunteer thanked by Lord Mayor

Caption: Lady Mayoress Edna Murray, Malcolm Horner, Molly Horner, Anne Horner and the Lord Mayor of Leeds Cllr Thomas Murray.

A Leeds resident who has dedicated a large part of her life to helping others has been thanked by the city’s Lord Mayor Councillor Thomas Murray.

This follows a letter from 14-year-old Molly Horner to the Lord Mayor, who asked if it might be possible for him to send a thank-you note to her grandmother Anne for all her hard work, before she moves to York.

So impressed was the Lord Mayor with Molly’s letter, which highlighted Anne’s efforts in working with and providing support to the vulnerable over many years, he invited the Horner family to meet with him in person at the Civic Hall for afternoon tea.

During her time in Leeds, Anne has previously worked for Childline and volunteered for Teen Challenge, who provide a wide-range of support to people with addictions such as drugs and alcohol, before moving to homeless charity St George’s Crypt.

To this day, Anne helps out in the kitchens or office at the Crypt, and currently as a volunteer at the Farsley Youth Development Project and at Caring for Life, a farm that offers a safe place to stay and work for vulnerable adults. This is along with helping out with many aspects of community life at a local church in Farsley.

Shortly Anne and husband Malcolm are leaving Leeds to enjoy their retirement in Haxby, York, and before their move, the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress Edna Murray, met with the couple and Molly to express their gratitude on behalf of the city, for all her efforts.

The Lord Mayor of Leeds, Cllr Thomas Murray said:

"Having read Molly’s letter, which documented the selfless work of her grandmother Anne in helping vulnerable people over many years, it was a pleasure to invite the family to visit the Civic Hall so we could pass on the city’s thanks in person.

"People like Anne play such a valuable role in communities’ right across Leeds, and the fact is without their efforts, many important services would not be what they are today.

"Volunteers really do deserve all our praise and we would like to personally wish Anne and Malcolm all the best on their new life in York."

Mrs Anne Horner said:

"We felt extremely privileged and humbled to be invited to meet both the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress at the Civic Hall.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and it is certainly something that will live in our memories for many years to come."

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