Friday, 25 May 2012

Insulation scheme due to wrap up Morley

Wrap Up Leeds is returning to Morley in a bid to wrap up 15,000 Leeds homes with free insulation.

Letters will be popping through Morley letterboxes in the coming weeks so residents know when the assessors will be in their area.

But local man Stuart Oakes already knows about the benefits of the free scheme. He was the first person to have cavity wall insulation installed by the council backed project when it launched in January this year.

Only four months on, Stuart and his family are already noticing a positive difference.

Stuart said:

“We’ve certainly noticed a considerable difference in the comfort of the house since the insulation was installed. While the weather was still cold, we turned the thermostat down on the main central heating system and on all the upstairs radiators. Even on the coldest nights we had the thermostatic valves on the radiators turned down.

“My five year old son has even said that his bedroom is too hot!”

Despite fuel prices continuing to rise, Stuart’s family of four have already noticed a reduction on their energy bills. On their first billing quarter since installation, the family has saved at least £25.

The partnership between Leeds City Council and Yorkshire Energy Services with funding from EDF Energy, is offering Leeds homeowners and private renters free cavity wall and loft insulation which is expected to protect residents from rising fuel bills. Estimates by the Energy Saving Trust show people could save up to £300 a year once their home is insulated.

People across Leeds are being urged to take advantage of the scheme and the new refer a friend offer. People can now receive £20 worth of high street shopping vouchers when a friend or family member has cavity wall and/or loft insulation installed upon their recommendation, even if they can’t have it done or don’t live in Leeds.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment said:

“If unlike Stuart, you don’t own or rent your home privately or your home just isn’t suitable, we’d still like to hear from you. You can recommend a friend and if they are able to have insulation installed, they’ll cut their bills and emissions, and you’ll receive a little thank you from us.”

Councillor David Blackburn, chair of the council’s cross-party environment and climate change working group said:

“Stories like Stuart’s are exactly what we want to achieve – people benefitting from more energy efficient homes and cheaper fuel bills.

“The team will be out and about in Morley but regardless of where you live in Leeds, do please get in touch to see if you too could benefit.”

Over 6,000 Morley homes will receive a letter prior to the doorstep assessors visiting over the next few weeks. Upon arrival the assessors won’t ask to come into your property, instead they’ll ask a few questions about you and your home from their handheld device which will take around five minutes to complete.

All assessors wear a distinctive burgundy uniform and carry ID. Should you have any concerns about the person at your door claiming to be from Wrap Up Leeds, you can check their identity by calling Wrap Up Leeds on 0800 052 0071 or if you have serious concerns contact the police on their non emergency number by dialling 101.

Not all homes will receive a visit but as long as you own or privately rent your home you will be entitled to the free technical survey to see if you need and can have free insulation.

Contact Wrap Up Leeds on 0800 052 0071 or go online at

The 0800 number is free from most landline providers, but may not be free from mobile networks. If you would prefer, please call Wrap Up Leeds on 01484 351 779.

About Wrap Up Leeds
• Wrap Up Leeds is available to all homeowners and privately rented tenants (where landlord’s permission has been granted) in the Leeds City Council area only.
• Free cavity wall insulation, loft insulation (where less than 60mm of loft insulation currently exists) and loft ‘top up’s’ (where more than 60mm but less than 160mm of loft insulation currently exists) are available under the scheme.
• A free, technical survey of the property will confirm that the work will definitely be free and much larger properties or those that need extensive scaffolding may be asked to pay a contribution towards the work.
• Savings of £1,653,750 on energy bills is estimated to be saved from Wrap Up Leeds which is based on installing cavity wall insulation in 6,000 homes, laying insulation in over 3,000 empty lofts and ‘topping up’ a further 5,850 lofts.
• The ‘refer a friend’ offer applies to anyone. Anyone can refer a friend regardless of whether they have had insulation installed themselves. £20 high street shopping vouchers will be given to the referrer. The vouchers will only be honoured if the friend’s property is insulated with at least one measure under the Wrap up Leeds scheme. The referral must be made before the application is processed. The referrer’s name, address and telephone number, must be provided with the referral. The friends name, address and telephone number, must be provided with the referral. The referral must be made by returning the card or giving details over the phone.

For media enquiries please contact:
Amanda Burns, Leeds City Council press office (0113) 395 1577


Ellie Lyon, Yorkshire Energy Services Marketing Executive on 01484 352 010