Thursday, 15 March 2012

Back to the door for councillors during Climate Week

Councillor Mark Dobson (left) and Councillor David Blackburn (right) chat to resident Henry Devlin about Wrap Up Leeds in Armley.

Councillors have taken to the streets as energy assessors to get people signed up for Leeds’ free insulation scheme.

Energy assessors from Wrap Up Leeds are working in selected areas of the city, knocking on doors of particular types of houses in a bid to make a positive difference to people living in those homes.

The council backed scheme, in partnership with Yorkshire Energy Services and funded by EDF Energy, offers free cavity wall and loft insulation to home owners and those renting privately in Leeds. Once people’s homes are wrapped up with insulation, they could save up to £300 on their energy bills. That’s based on figures provided by the Energy Saving Trust for a typical three bedroom, semi-detached house.

As Councillor Dobson and Councillor Blackburn went door to door today, half way through Climate Week, they revealed that the project could cut over one tonne of damaging carbon dioxide emissions for every home insulated.

The councillors, in their new role as energy assessors, were easily identified as part of the Wrap Up Leeds team with their distinctive burgundy uniforms and official identification badges.

The homes they visited had already received a leaflet and letter about Wrap Up Leeds to let residents know that the energy assessors would be in the area.

Energy assessors ask residents a few simple questions to sign them up for the free scheme on their doorstep; they don’t enter people’s homes.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive member for environmental services said:

“It’s been great being out with the Wrap Up Leeds team. Residents can be confident that this is a genuine council backed scheme with genuine benefits. While savings of up to £300 is a big draw for individuals, we’ve got our eye firmly on the bigger picture, enabling others to cut their carbon footprint.”

Councillor David Blackburn, chair of the council’s cross-party environment and climate change working group said:

“You can’t miss the team as they go round communities. I’ve been impressed by their friendly, professional manner. It’s such a great scheme they’re promoting but they’re definitely not giving it the hard sell and won’t try to come into your home. While we’re keen that as many people as possible sign up for free insulation to receive the financial benefits, we’re just as keen to cut over 15,000 tonnes of emissions.”

Other companies may target residents claiming to be part of the Wrap Up Leeds scheme.

If anyone is concerned about someone at their door claiming to come from the council backed scheme, they should check that they have received both a leaflet and letter from Wrap Up Leeds and that the person is wearing the Wrap Up Leeds uniform and shows their identification badge. If not, then the person at the door is not from Wrap Up Leeds.

If you’d like to verify the identity of a Wrap Up Leeds energy assessor you can call 0800 052 0071. If you have concerns about anyone at your door you should call the police on their non emergency number by dialling 101.

Residents shouldn’t wait for a visit from an assessor as not all areas of Leeds will be visited. Call 0800 052 0071 to apply for your free cavity wall and loft insulation or apply online at

The 0800 number is free from most landline providers, but may not be free from mobile networks. If you would prefer, please call Wrap Up Leeds on 01484 351 779.

Notes to editors:

About Wrap Up Leeds

• Wrap Up Leeds is run in partnership by Leeds City Council and Yorkshire Energy Services, with funding from EDF Energy.

• Wrap Up Leeds is available to all homeowners and privately rented tenants (where landlord’s permission has been granted) in the Leeds City Council area only.

• Free cavity wall insulation, loft insulation (where less than 60mm of loft insulation currently exists) and loft ‘top up’s’ (where more than 60mm but less than 160mm of loft insulation currently exists) are available under the scheme.

• A free, technical survey of the property will confirm that the work will definitely be free and much larger properties or those that need extensive scaffolding may be asked to pay a contribution towards the work.

• The project estimates to help householders made total cumulative savings of £1,653,750 on energy bills based on installing cavity wall insulation in 6,000 homes, laying insulation in over 3,000 empty lofts and ‘topping up’ a further 5,850 lofts.

For media enquiries please contact:
Amanda Burns, Leeds City Council press office (0113) 395 1577


Ellie Lyon, Yorkshire Energy Services marketing team on (01484) 352010