Monday, 13 February 2012

New sexual health bus service en route to east Leeds

This Valentine’s Day a new bus service is hitting the roads of Killingbeck and Seacroft providing young people (13-19) with a mobile sexual health information and support service.

Funding for this innovative project has been provided by the Sexual Health Team at NHS Airedale, Bradford and Leeds and through the Inner East Area Committee.

The Bus Stop Project is based on a purpose built mobile health bus that belongs to Leeds City Council’s Youth Service which is already working with young people in the area.

The Bus Stop Project will run for the next 12 months and will cover two separate routes on a Monday and Thursday between 3-5pm, stopping at places where young people are known to gather in the area.

Feedback from local GPs shows that young people are not accessing sexual health services through their family doctor and it can be difficult to encourage young people to access other health services from their GP practices.

The Bus Stop Project will offer C-Card registration and pickup, pregnancy testing and Chlamydia screening as well as information and advice on relationships, staying safe and other health related issues.

Hannah Sowerbutts, Health Improvement Specialist - Young People’s Sexual Health for NHS Airedale, Bradford and Leeds, says:
“It’s great that we can finally get the Bus Stop Project on the road. We know that young people find it difficult talking about, and accessing, sexual health support through traditional health settings. Therefore it is important that we can offer a service that is more flexible to fit around their lifestyles and at locations where they are more likely to gather and feel comfortable talking about health issues.”

Councillor Judith Blake, Leeds City Council’s executive member responsible for children’s services said:
“It is so important that young people have access to good quality support and advice to help them make the right decisions on their sexual health. This new project will bring the services they need right to their doorstep.”

The project is a partnership between igen, Seacroft and Manston Extended Services, Leeds Youth Service  (both Leeds City Council) and NHS Airedale, Bradford and Leeds.


Issued jointly by the Communications Team at NHS Leeds on 0113 30 57496 and the Communications Team at Leeds City Councill 0113 2474713

Notes to editor

C-Card scheme
The C-Card scheme is Leeds’ free condom distribution scheme for 13-25 year olds. In order to register for a C-Card young people must have a 15 minute consultation with a trained workers who will assess their Fraser competence.

Fraser Competent is a term used to describe a child under 16 who is considered to be of sufficient age and understanding to be competent to receive contraceptive advice without parental knowledge or consent. The test is that the doctor must be satisfied that:
• the child will understand the advice;
• the child cannot be persuaded to tell his or her parents or allow the doctor to tell them that they are seeking contraceptive advice;
• the child is likely to begin or continue having unprotected sex with or without contraceptive treatment; and
• the child's physical or mental health is likely to suffer unless he or she receives contraceptive advice or treatment.
igen delivers public and private contracts to provide careers and personal development advice, information and guidance. igen aims to inspire, guide and enable individuals to achieve their potential through the provision of impartial, high quality career and personal development services.
Seacroft and Manston Extended Services
Extended Services Clusters are responsible for co-ordinating programmes of activities to support young people across a particular geographic area. There are 35 clusters in total across the Leeds local authority area.