Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Council joins forces with police to reassure Leeds residents

The leader of Leeds City Council has expressed his sympathy to all those affected by the unrest in London and other parts of the country and reassured the public that authorities and communities are working together to prevent any future disturbances in Leeds.

Councillor Keith Wakefield, leader of Leeds City Council, said:

“The scenes we have witnessed in parts of London and the rest of the country have been shocking and very distressing. We send our sympathy to everyone who has lost their business or home as a result of this mindless violence.

“We wish to reassure the public that we are working with the police to minimise any potential problems in Leeds. There will be a strong visible police presence in the city overnight as a precautionary measure and to offer further reassurance for residents.

“Those planning anything should be warned that the police will arrest anyone creating a disturbance or causing public disorder.

“Our priority is to work very closely with West Yorkshire Police and our communities to maintain calm and build on the good community relations we already have. We will also continue to work with Leeds businesses to assess any developments over the week and take any appropriate action.

“While it is important to not be complacent and remain vigilant during these difficult times, it was very heartening to see the Chapeltown community come together yesterday in a march of peace, that was a wonderful show of pride in the place. The march demonstrates this city’s history of good community relations and we will continue to build on and develop this important work.”

Assistant Chief Constable John Parkinson, of West Yorkshire Police said:

“While we have had some incidents this week, these have involved a small minority of people and have not been on the scale we have seen elsewhere.

“Our communities, particular over recent evenings in Leeds, have been tremendously supportive of the work of local officers and we would ask people to continue to work with us in keeping our communities safe and thank them for their continued support. Excellent work by our Neighbourhood Policing Teams, working at the heart of communities, has helped tackled incidents as they arise.

“However, we have to be in a position to protect the community and will have a larger, more visible presence out tonight to ensure people feel reassured and to deal with any incidents quickly and effectively. “

For media enquiries please contact:
Sara Hyman, Leeds City Council press office tel: (0113) 224 3602


Nightmare neighbour’s drinking den shut down

A property in west Leeds has been boarded up and closed after a catalogue of anti-social behaviour resulted in neighbours feeling intimidated.

Mr David Jones, a tenant at 7 Rombalds Terrace in Armley was served with a premise closure order at Leeds Magistrates Court on 4 August 2011 after a successful application by Leeds City Council.

The court heard how Mr Jones had allowed the property to be used by a number of people, sometimes up to ten at a time as a drinking den. Residents in the local area have had to endure constant use of foul language, threats and intimidation.

Many of the incidents at the house were also witness by children who were leaving the local primary school.

Leeds Anti Social Behaviour Team supported by Pudsey NPT, took action on the property following a number of complaints from the residents of Rombalds Terrace.

Councillor Peter Gruen, chair of Safer Leeds, said:

“I would like to commend the local residents who came forward and provided evidence for this case. It can be intimidating to have someone behaving badly living near you, but with their help the council was able to gain

“I would urge anyone else who is suffering in silence to come forward if they have any issues with anti social neighbours and report them.

“This is a good result, and I am pleased that we have been able to provide an immediate stop to the foul behaviour at this house.”

Inspector Mark Bownass, of the West Inner Neighbourhood Policing Team, said:

"This is an excellent result for the residents whose quality of life has been badly affected for too long by repeated incidents of anti-social behaviour linked to this property.

“This case again clearly illustrates the sort of action we can take alongside our partners in the council to tackle unacceptable behaviour in our communities.

“Residents have a vital role to play in helping us to do that and we need people to stand up and be counted and give evidence against those responsible.

“We hope this latest action will serve as a clear warning to those who refuse to listen to advice and persist in making peoples’ lives a misery.”

This is the eleventh problem property in the Armley and Bramley area to be shut down following joint action by the police and council in the last three years.

Coupled with a number of anti-social behaviour orders, injunctions and dispersal orders they have had a major impact on crime and anti-social behaviour in the areas.

Notes to editors:
Safer Leeds is a partnership between Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Police, the city’s ALMOs (East North East Homes Leeds, West North West Homes Leeds, Aire Valley Homes and the Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation) and West Yorkshire Fire Service to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Leeds.


For media enquiries, please contact;
Cat Milburn, Leeds City Council press office (0113) 247 4450