Monday, 19 July 2010

Road safety butty and brew for bikers

Caption: The Lord Mayor enjoys his bikers breakfast with (from left)Dave Glanville, biker Adam Hope, and Cliff Knighton from West Yorkshire Motorcyle Unit.

As part of national ride to work day bikers in Leeds can take advantage of a free bacon butty and a brew on their way in to work whilst picking up some road safety tips.

Part of national motorcycle week, ride to work day is celebrated on Wednesday 21 July, and riders of powered two wheelers (PTWs) in Leeds are invited to stop for a free breakfast on the way to work and talk about road safety, and why PTWs can be the smarter travel choice.

The riders breakfast gives Leeds City Council the opportunity to promote the use of PTWs as the smarter travel choice and raise awareness of road safety issues. To encourage as many riders as possible to drop in, free bacon sandwiches and cups of tea will be offered between 7 and 9am at Kirkstall Fire Station.

******************** Media opportunity ********************

Media are invited to the 3rd annual Biker’s Breakfast at Kirkstall Fire Station at 8am on Wednesday 21 July where there will be the opportunity to photograph the Lord Mayor, arriving at the event on a motorbike, and speak to him and representatives from the council’s road safety and travelwise teams about the benefits of using powered two wheelers to commute to work.

******************** Media opportunity ********************

Dave Glanville motorcycle road safety officer for West Yorkshire said:

“A substantial number of our rider casualties in west Yorkshire are commuter rider. Peak travel times see a real rise in rider casualties so it’s key that we address this through raising awareness of the issues, giving riders the skills to deal with heavy traffic and reminding other road users to ‘think bike!”

“Reducing congestion and improving road safety are two core aims for us so we’re keen to see as many riders as possible taking advantage of this event”

Notes to editors:

Travelling to work by PTW can save a significant amount of time and reduce congestion while still giving the flexibility of personal transport.

Reminding other road users to take an extra second to look out for PTW’s helps to reduce the number of riders injured on the roads.

The more time riders get on the bike the better riders they become so the ride to work can improve the skills you use for fun at the weekends.


For media enquiries, please contact;
Cat Milburn, Leeds City Council press office (0113) 247 4450