Thursday, 27 May 2010

New political leadership announced for Leeds City Council

The political leadership of Leeds City Council has changed today from a Conservative and Liberal Democrat joint administration to a minority Labour administration, with the support of the Green Group.

At the annual meeting of council today (Thursday, 27 May), it was resolved that Councillor Keith Wakefield, leader of the Labour Group, would be elected as leader of the council.

Labour have agreed an arrangement which will see the Green Group vote with Labour at key times.

At that meeting the council also elected Councillor Jim McKenna as Lord Mayor and Councillor Patrick Davey as Deputy Lord Mayor.

The leader appointed the following to Leeds City Council’s Executive Board. In brackets are their portfolio service responsibilities:

Councillor Keith Wakefield (Central and Corporate)
Councillor Richard Lewis (Development and Regeneration)
Councillor Peter Gruen (Neighbourhoods and Housing)
Councillor Judith Blake (Children’s Services)
Councillor Lucinda Yeadon (Adult Health and Social Care)
Councillor Thomas Murray (Environmental Services)
Councillor Adam Ogilvie (Leisure)
Councillor Andrew Carter, leader of Conservative Group
Councillor Stewart Golton, leader of Liberal Democrat Group
Councillor Ann Blackburn, leader of Green Group

In addition, the leader has appointed an Advisory Member who will be able to attend and speak, but not vote at meetings of the Executive Board:

Councillor Jane Dowson (support to the Executive Member for Children’s Services)

Labour gained four seats in Leeds at the local elections on May 6th but the results left the council under no overall control from any single political group. The council's political make-up following the 2010 local election is:
• Labour 48
• Conservatives 22
• Liberal Democrats 21
• Morley Borough Independents 6
• Green Party 2

For media enquiries please contact:
Sara Hyman, Leeds City Council press office tel: (0113) 224 3602

Long serving council worker to retire

Caption: Colin Booth, one of the longest serving council employees

One of the longest serving employees at Leeds City Council is due to retire this week.

Colin Booth, who has worked at the council for almost half a century will retire on Friday 28 May 2010 after starting work for the council in 1963. He is in the top three longest serving employees at the council.

In the 47 years Colin has worked at the council, he has moved from working in the health department’s statistic section, where he set to work counting the number of people living in Leeds with infectious diseases. He then moved to the building surveyor’s division of the city engineers department, and then to his current position in the planning department.

Colin and his colleagues in the administration section of the planning department have together amassed a total of 619 years service; with most of them working together for a very long time. Colin’s colleagues describe him as a ‘quiet and unassuming man’ who is ‘very hard working, cheerful and always polite’.

Councillor Andrew Carter, joint leader of the council and executive board member with responsibility for planning said:

“It is fantastic to hear of staff that have been working with the council for such a long period of time, and putting their heart and soul into their jobs. It will of course be sad to see Colin go, but we wish him the very best for whatever he goes on to do.”

For media enquiries, please contact;
Cat Milburn, Leeds City Council press office (0113) 247 4450