Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Council warns strike intimidation will not be tolerated

Leeds City Council has warned it will not tolerate the increased intimidating behaviour targeted at staff who are continuing to work hard to keep the city clean while a refuse strike continues.


As the industrial action moved into its second week, council staff and agency workers have continued to experience incidents of harassment, threats and intimidating behaviour.


The council leader, Councillor Richard Brett, has also personally received threatening and abusive calls made to his home.


Council chiefs have raised their concerns with the unions and both Unison and GMB have agreed that acts of intimidation can not be condoned by anyone and members who are taking strike action should do so peacefully and lawfully.


All reports are being followed up by the council and referred to the police for investigation.


The council has also arranged for a police presence at pickets across the city.


Leeds City Council leader, Councillor Richard Brett said:


“We have no problem with peaceful, lawful picketing however, I am appalled at what I regard as despicable behaviour by some people – particularly when it comes to harassing staff who are working hard in these difficult circumstances.


“I welcome the discussions that have taken place with the unions and feel we are all in support of lawful picketing.”


The council has also raised concerns over reports from residents about being obstructed from accessing some of the household waste sort sites as the entrance was blocked as they dropped off their recycling.


Others say they have been turned away and encouraged to go elsewhere or just ‘dump their rubbish’.


For a list of the household waste sites affected by the strike action visit




Posted via web from Leeds City Council