Sunday, 6 September 2009

Strike: background information

Both The GMB and Unison trade unions have confirmed they intend to begin indefinite strike action from tomorrow morning.

 Just 311 of the 668 refuse and street cleansing staff balloted voted in favour of this action.

 The strike relates to a pay and grading review which the council - and all other local authorities - legally have to carry out.

 The aim is to make sure that men and women earn equal salaries for equal work. We have been working hard with the Unions for several years to introduce the new pay and grading structure and this has resulted in pay rises for 10,500 employees of the local authority and for 10,500 their pay remains the same. It has unfortunately also resulted in around 2500 staff being adversely affected, of which 440 are in refuse, street cleansing and waste management services.

 However, the council has agreed to protect the pay of staff who are adversely affected by the new pay and grading structure for a period of three years.

 The trade unions want us to 'level up' salaries so that no-one loses any pay, but this would cost the council £45 million per year - which equates to an annual council tax rise of 18% - or mean thousands of job losses and a massive impact on all council services. However, this is an option.

 The council has encouraged the unions to continue discussions to look at legitimate ways to address the loss of pay and has recently proposed a performance pay scheme which has the potential to close the pay gap and improve the refuse service provided to residents.

Posted via email from Leeds City Council

Council leader reacts to walkout by street scene workers

This short video is of Councillor Richard Brett, council leader reacting to the start of industrial action within the council's street scene service.
Some workers are expected not to report for duty from 0600 tomorrow morning (Monday 7th).
The video is made up of three responses, separated by a blank screen.
The video is free of astons and other on-screen images.
Please use the download link for a .mov version of the video for use on your radio or TV station or website.

Posted via email from Leeds City Council