Monday, 22 June 2009

Leeds Rhinos players support safer scooter riding

First team players from the Leeds Rhinos will join forces with the council’s road safety team this week to drive home an important message to young scooter riders.

Keen scooter riders Scott Donald, Ian Kirke and Simon Worrall, along with experienced biker Keith Senior will take part in training exercises and talk about the importance of wearing protective clothing, which could make the difference in the event of a crash between death or serious injury and walking away.

The council are offering free coaching sessions to young riders to build on the basic training they have already had. The training was developed locally and focuses on observation and anticipation skills, aiming to improve young riders’ skills in dealing with other road users. The riders are also advised on machine care and the benefits of wearing good, protective riding kit.
******************** MEDIA OPPORTUNITY ********************
Media are invited to the Leeds Rugby training ground at Kirkstall on Wednesday, 24 June 2009, 2.30 to 3.30pm. First team Leeds Rhinos players and road safety officers will be available for filming, photographs and interviews about the importance of encouraging young scooter riders to get training to improve their riding skills and wear the correct kit to protect themselves in the event of an accident.
Please contact Claire Macklam on 0113 395 1578 to arrange attendance
******************** MEDIA OPPORTUNITY ********************

Councillor Stuart Andrew, lead member for transport and travel said:“A lot of young riders seem to think that they will not be killed or seriously injured because their machine is not that powerful or fast, but our statistics show that this is simply not the case. This over-confidence coupled with inexperience of dealing with other road users can lead to avoidable collisions happening, so we want to coach young riders into becoming more responsible road users.”

Scott Donald of the Leeds Rhinos said:“I ride a scooter because they’re cheap to run and dead easy to manoeuvre through traffic - great for short journeys.

“Young riders need to remember that they are vulnerable out there on the roads, and the best way for them to stay safe is to get some extra training and always wear protective clothing.”

Additional info

Across Leeds in 2008 there were 22 young riders aged between 16 and 20 killed or seriously injured on machines of less than 125cc.

For media enquiries, please contact;
Claire Macklam, Leeds City Council press office (0113) 395 1578

Go into space at Leeds Art Gallery

Visitors to Leeds Art Gallery will be able to create their own masterpieces following the launch of a dedicated new area this week.

To be officially opened at 4pm on Thursday 25th June, ‘Artspace’ offers visitors the chance to produce their own art after being inspired by the collections on show, discuss and explore ideas about art, give feedback on the art on display and upload their own creations from their mobile phone or home computer to a new ‘virtual’ collection.

The project has been organised by Leeds City Council in partnership with the BA Interior Architecture and Design Course at Leeds Metropolitan University, with funding support from Renaissance in the Regions and Yorkshire Forward.

Artspace contains three main elements, the first being The Table, which is the centrepiece of the space as it offers the chance to sit and think, discuss or create art. It has been designed to be able to be moved and reconfigured so it can cater for a variety of events and be suitable for users of all ages.

The second element is The Notebook, where visitors can leave comments and feedback which will help shape the future of Artspace and the gallery itself.

The final part is Artspace Online, which offers the chance to explore parts of the Leeds Art Gallery collections via the web and then upload their own art to it from their mobile phones or home computers.

******************** MEDIA OPPORTUNITY ********************
All media are invited to the official launch of Artspace, which takes place at Leeds Art Gallery at 4pm on Thursday 25th June. Lead member for Leisure Cllr Ann Castle will attend, a long with key members of the design team for the project.
******************** MEDIA OPPORTUNITY ********************

Apart from being open for visitors to explore and make use of, Artspace will also host a variety of family activities as well as being used as an event space.

The idea began in 2007, when the students at Leeds Met were asked to produce concept designs for the available space as part of their studies. These were put on public display in the art gallery, resulting in over 5,000 responses from visitors. The designs and feedback were then used as the basis for a national competition to find the right architects to create Artspace. Renowned London architects Llowarch Llowarch won the competition, and their design which incorporates a number of the students’ original concepts has now been created.

Young people from across the city also had a key role in the creation of Artspace Online, working as consultants with ‘The Digital Learning Agency’ from Otley to design and build the ‘virtual’ space.

Leeds City Council lead member for Leisure Councillor Ann Castle said:

“We are delighted to see Artspace being officially opened in Leeds Art Gallery and cannot wait to see what it really looks like. This project has been really exciting from day one, and with the enthusiasm from everyone involved we are confident we have produced a fantastic new space which is going to be very popular and well used.”

Senior Lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University Peter L Dixon said:

“The creative process adopted for the creation of 'Artspace' has been internationally recognised as an exemplary vehicle within design education - the end result of having a dedicated space that continues to encourage creative thinking and application is a great asset to Leeds Art Gallery and the city of Leeds as a whole.”

For further information contact Leeds Art Gallery on 0113 247 8256 or visit the website at

Notes to editors:
Renaissance in the Regions is a national programme run by the Museums, Library and Archives Council (MLA) which supports the development of regional museums and galleries.

Yorkshire Forward is the regional development agency for Yorkshire & Humber.

Leeds Art Gallery is located on The Headrow in Leeds city centre, LS1 3AA. Opening times are: Mon, Tues 10am-8pm, Wed 12-8pm, Thurs, Fri, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 1-5pm. Admission is free.


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